Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chris brown bio

Chris Brown bio
Chris Brown was born May, 5th, 1989 in Tappahannock. Virginia with the really small population of 2,000 people so it’s a small town. He was raised by Clinton Brown & Joyce Hawkins. So it’s kind of hard too believe that coming from such a small town that he has come such a far way!

The way that Chris Brown was discovered will blow your mind! It was at his father’s gas station!
From that day he worked towards his dreams and in 2005 he came out with his 1st album self titled (Chris Brown) that sold 2.1 million, went double platinum. I got it for Christmas!!! He was voted favorite male rock and pop artist of the year and favorite R&B and soul artist of the year!

Interesting facts
Chris Brown was best on his school basketball team and when he left they started too lose he say’s that if he didn’t succeed in the music industry that he would become a basketball player but I guess he doesn’t need that anymore!!! The first time Chris Brown was rejected the first time that he auditioned for Jive records but got a call from Usher telling him too give it another try!!! He was inspired by Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Usher, & Donnie Hataway!!! He is coming out with a new album for Jive records featuring artist from the black eyed peas Will-I-am!!! Chris's full name is Christopher Maurice Brown!
Why is he important
Chris Brown is a very important role model in the community because alot of people look up too him & they do as they see so he can't really screw up and do bad things, he hasn't so far so I think he is doing good! He is an inspiration because he took a chance and auditioned then got rejected but he didn't just give up he gave it another try and that really show's character, his seem's pretty up-beat and down too earth like he is a normal guy amd doesn't act like he's any better than anybody else! That is why Chris Brown is important.

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You did a GREAT job with this, and your hard work at the end paid off. Right on! Congrats! :-)